Thursday, July 19, 2012


On CodePlex the current state of the software is online. The software is written in C# for .NET (ground station) and NETMF (plane onboard cpu). Most hardware drivers are already finished.A short overvew of the software parts:
  •     Hardware Drivers
  •         BMP085 Barometer
  •         L3G4200D Gyro
  •         LSM303DLM Accelerometer/Magnetometer
  •         SkyTraq Venus6 GPS Recever using binary protocol
  •         RFM22b RF-Modul (20 dbm)
  •         Temperatur (in progress)
  •     Analog input handling for pilot tube, battery current and voltage
  •     IMU 9DoF - Sensor merging
  •     Navigation (in progress)

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